Zero Waste Baby Shower


So I was asked to help organise a baby shower for a really good friend. The problem was, that I had just gone Zero Waste. Which isn’t a problem, at all, but it does leave one with a few logistical considerations when organising a party.

I would like to mention that I was not solely responsible for the organisation, therefore complete Zero Waste was not possible. But I think we did quite  well…

We decided on a picnic in the Pretoria Botanical Gardens. The gardens are beautiful, with lovely big trees. It is so green at the moment after all the rain we’ve been having!

BUT when organising a picnic for so many people, it usually goes with a lot of waste… We decided to do it in the following way.

  1. Finger foods (no cutlery or plates needed): Fruit kebabs, savoury cheesecakes, mini ‘vetkoekies’, and mini pastries with a lovely Nutella Blondie by Popalai and a koeksister.
  2. Picnic Bags with tupperware we already had. 5 People shared a picnic bag. 5 of each finger food was placed in a tupperware bowl and sealed.

  3. Cloth Serviettes.
  4. Buckets to serve as dustbins: I kept it simple. I have a mesh recycling bag which I use to drop off my recycling at pikitup, which I labeled recycling and hung it on a tree. Next to the bags I placed two buckets and marked them: Food and Other (Dry Waste Only).  When we were done, the ‘other’ bucket was almost empty (unfortunately not completely empty). I took the recycling bag and Food bin home. The recycling bag was filled with wrapping paper etc. The food bin contained the compostable kebabs sticks and other cooked food. I will reuse the kebab sticks in my container garden and I placed the rest of the Food in my Bokashi to become plant food later.
  5. We had a glass decanter with water and lemon and small glasses instead of disposable cups. There were also juice decanters (cardboard and foil/plastic). Like I said, not solely responsible… one must not force these things on others?20170212_115231
  6. Flowers from the local farmer’s market (plastic wrapper free).20170212_073441
  7. Decor from my wedding and home: Ceramic rabbits, bunting and glass canned fruit bottles.20170212_115207
  8. I borrowed the table cloths, tupperware, glasses and decanter from my mother in law. Money saving, no need to buy or hire.

Apart from ending up with very little waste, it all looked very pretty and authentic!! I loved it!


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